Awaken your Intuition, Supernatural Abilities and Gifts 

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.” John 14:12. Well, we are obviously a LONG way from doing what Jesus did, let alone outperforming him.

Are your talents and abilities being suppressed?  Would you like to find out how to awaken that light inside you?  We will address what maybe suppressing your abilities, work on clearing these issues, and do exercises that will expand your natural abilities. Each exercise is designed to take you deeper and deeper into your own subconscious mind, and allow you to be ready to start using and identifying your supernatural abilities.  Unlike an online class, you will have the personal attention of the instructor, and get immediate feedback from the other participants in the class. This hands-on experience will give you a variety of ways to use your gifts, every day.

This will be a full day loaded with activities. The class will begin at noon and go until 10 pm.  A week prior to the class you will receive an email that will include driving directions.

Investment: 90.00 Class sizes are limited.

Nov 19th Monroe, LA


Seals of Solomon

The seals of Solomon work with ancient wisdom and power to achieve benevolent and just goals.  Not only will you learn how to work with the seals themselves, but you will also learn the rare technique of how to put energetic seals on the body.   King Solomon was claimed to be one of the wisest man who ever lived, Israel’s mightiest King, able to see into the human heart, fabled to have powers beyond mortal men.  There is some information on the internet about these seals, however, disinformation being a powerful tool I find that what is out there does not correspond with the keys in the sacred text.  Learn how to use the seals and call in your angels for powerful healing and protection.

Hot Springs, AR

This class is taught via skype or webinar.  Or you can choose to come to Hot Springs and take the class in person.

Investment 290.00


 Temporal Core Energetics

This is a gentle approach to the bioenergy field that surrounds the body. This is otherwise known as your chi energy. Just like the tissues in our body, the energy field surrounding our body can become”stuck.” you will learn  to massage the astral body and free up constrictions that enable the body to more easily maintain general health and a relaxed state.

Anyone can learn this very game changing energetic healing technique. Learn how to activate your ability to heal yourself, heal others and heal remotely.
Day 1: Aura Massage- Learn how to take a body out of the gravity of time and allow the aura to be balanced.
Day 2: Pineal Gland Activation – Learn how to energetically activate your pineal glands the new earth energies that will plug  your mind into your Divine Blueprint.
Day 1 only: 125.00
Both Days: 200.00
July 30th and 31 2016 Hot Springs, AR
October 1st- 2nd Monroe, LA
Nov 2nd and 3rd Fayetteville, AR
Nov 5th-6th Iowa City, IA

Level 3 – Day 1 and 2 – Divine Blueprint Activation- Learn to clear the grid of the body to resonate with the new earth frequencies.  Many have found that having this work done not only gives them a greater feeling of wellness, but also heightens their intuitive and psychic  abilities.  Before taking this class, one needs to receive a Divine Blueprint Activation from a qualified practitioner.

Investment—250.00 for the activation, 290.00 for the class.

Jan 21-22, 2017 – Hot Springs, AR

contact me for more details.


The Online Series:

Facial Phisogamy  -Aug 12th 9 pm CST via Skype Learn what your face is telling you about your health.  11.00


Available for Download

The Hidden Secrets of Numbers  –  We have all heard of numerology, but do you know the top secret number list used for covertly communicating spiritual and biblical message right under your nose?  Learn the supernatural design and spiritual significance of this powerful information to decode the world around you.  11.00


Access Your Gift of Psychic Sight
Open your psychic gift by experiencing time spent in 7th, 8th and 9th Dimensions where auras, past lives and Spirit Guides can easily be seen with the physical eye! Receive information and powerful messages that will support your path, and assist in passing
information to others. Kimberli guides the class into each dimension shift in an easy and natural way. This class offers a greater awareness of auras and Light as it retrains the physical eye through the 6th Chakra.
This is an awesome class – not to be missed!

I am currently making my 2017 schedule, if you would like me to consider coming to your area, or you would like to host an event,just let me know.


Light Language l & ll

Beginning Light Language

Intermediate Light Language 

This class is taught via skype or webinar.  Or you can choose to come to Hot Springs and take the class in person.


Temporal Core Healing

This is my system.  It addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of a person.   discern the priorities of clearing the layered stressors.  We also address the Wernicke’s commands of mind control with this technique.

Experience for yourself the immediate reconnection to Source energy!

Learn to dissolve karma, change matter and create miracles. Spiritual surgery and awakening like none other.  We address the inner demons, so to speak,  that hold one hostage, and negotiate the terms that will help  free the mind.

Hot Springs, AR

800.00 Investment


Youthing Ceremony

September 16th  2016  –

There is one night of the year in which the energies of the moon connect with the energies of the earth in such a way that physical and energetic Youthing can occur. This is the night of the Harvest Moon.  From the heart of Africa, an ancient ritual of Youthing has been passed on from teacher to student. This is a highly sacred ceremony that Kimberli has been gifted from her teacher Starr Fuentes.

In Africa, Starr met a man that was over 200 years old. He lived in a village where the people had no wrinkles and no lines on their faces, and their bodies where strong and healthy. Starr stayed with this tribe for 7 days and was taught their secret. Each year a person participates in this ceremony, internal and external energies are activated, opening the door for physical Youthing, at a cellular level, to occur. It is taught that each year a person participates, the process of aging stops and reverses back a year.

Join me in this sacred ceremony for turning back the clock of aging and allow the powers of Youthing to welcome you. The ceremony can be attended in person or for those unable to attend in person, Kimberli will connect energetically to ensure that participants receive the entire download of the full ceremony.

If you would like to participate from a distance, please RSVP as “REMOTE PARTICIPANT”, and you will be contacted with further instructions.

If you plan to attend in person, plan to be in Hot Springs, AR for the event.  You will be contacted on where the event will be located.



The Abilities Class has gained quite a bit of interest.  I have put together some videos, it is not the same as being in the class.  However, you can get a beginning level of knowledge if you are unable to attend in person.  If you would like to have access to these videos, you can do so here.

A recent testimony I received about the abilities class:

Hello Kimberli,
  I would like to write a testimonial for the class ( Awaken your Intuition,Supernatural Abilities and Gifts) I recently took. I am still riding ‘high’ from the experience! 
  First off, I have meditated over 12 years on a daily bases (took classes on the subject and was taught by a very knowledgeable Tai Chi teacher) and the two techniques you introduced to the class are unbelievably powerful (THAT WAS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION) . Within a minute or so, I am now able to reach deep meditation at higher vibrations within my third eye and crown chakras than I have ever been able to achieve before.
  When you cleared the suppressing issues that I have been carrying around inside for who knows how long, I KNOW within, that these blocks are no longer in my thought patterns. These programs just do not exist within me anymore, amazing. 
  This class was so cool to be able to experience astral and mental body viewing. I have studied this subject and listened to countless interviews and finally to be able to actually do it, WOW is about all I can say. I thought it was a wonderful teaching/intuitive way you taught the class. Everyone got personal time and personal teachings at each ones level that I witnessed growth in every participant in that class. 
  The name Soul Retriever given to you by the Tuallip Indian Grandmother, describes you perfectly. It feels like fractures in my soul have been put back into adjustment. I realize you can only ‘open the door’ and the real work comes from Ones own diligence but to have the blocks removed, you have made it possible for me to continue down my path of spiritual growth. The osmosis effect of being in your vibrational energy field, I know has integrated into my own aura just waiting to be downloaded  when oneself opens up to it completely.
  What’s the old saying ,when the student is ready the teacher will appear.Well if you are reading this I have a strong feeling you might have found your teacher. 
  I am definitely  going to contact you for other affordable classes. I recently seen you on an interview talking about a light language course you will be teaching, count me in:)
Thank you thank you thank you,