I find it funny how science is finally catching up with the shamans. I recently read an article that spoke about imagery and how it will speak to the subconscious mind quicker than words. I have been practicing meditation for years and I have known that visual meditation will help you reprogram your subconscious mind efficiently. By reprogramming your subconscious mind, you reprogram your reality. The big trick with the subconscious mind is to program it correctly, knowing how to communicate with it as the subconscious mind does not speak the same language that the conscious mind does. It speaks a universal language understood by all beings that breaks a language barrier and is not bound by the confines of time or space.

However, your conscious mind is a slave to your subconscious mind.

Whatever the subconscious mind has decided upon, your conscious mind will turn it into a reality. Because our bodies are intelligent computers, there is a wall, so to speak, that separates the subconscious mind from the conscious mind, because if we with our conscious mind could understand what our subconscious mind was processing and just get a glimpse of that, you would really go insane. For as much as your conscious mind is thinking and processing, your subconscious mind is doing a million times more.

The trick with meditation is being able to jump over the wall that separates the two parts of the brain while being able to influence your subconscious mind and not going insane. It is an easy practice, however, needs to be done correctly. Being able to take a reading from your subconscious mind and see what it is thinking, seeing how you need to influence it and how you need to change it to patterns that meet your desires. The best way to influence your subconscious mind is through imagery and shamans have known this for years. You will need to be careful with your imagery because color matters, what you intend matters and when you are working with reprogramming the subconscious brain you want to be careful and diligent so that you put in exactly what your desired results are so they happen quickly, easily and gently. Remember, this is intention, not imagination.

When I speak to my subconscious mind, as for those who know me and have seen me know one of my obstacles in my weight. So I do not tell my subconscious mind that I am going to eat healthy or that I am going to lose weight. What I do during my mediation instead is put in images of me at a smaller size, a healthier weight I insert images of me working out, eating healthier, feeling and looking better. I also back it up with affirmations. When I do this and focus on it, I generally drop about 7 pounds a month without changing a thing. In writing this, I see the need to remind myself to stay focused on an ultimate goal.

If you would like to know more about the language of light, color and sacred geometry check out my light language classes.


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