Acupressure points to work FEAR out of the Body

One of the things I notice when I am around someone, is how much fear they hold inside them.  Fear is a vibration that can be sensed and sometimes seen. It is amazing when I listen to someone talk and hear them say things like, “Oh, that scared me, or I would be afraid of that.”   Those statements just flow out of their mouths so easily.  “That scares me.  I wouldn’t do that it scares me.  I would be afraid of doing that.”  When I hear people say this, it makes me pause for concern and wonder as to how this verbiage become part of their every day vernacular.

My sister once said to me some very wise words to me, she said, “If you did not have fear, how would you live your life?”   I was much younger when she said this to me, but it was such a mind blower, a real showstopper.  “If I did not have fear, how would I live my life?”    I could not even wrap my mind around that when she said it as the worry and fear in this situation was getting the better of me.  But as I grew, studied and became the person that I am now, I realized that we are all vibrational beings.  I can take an ohmmeter and find out what type of current any of us are running.   When you have fear, you have running a different vibration than when you do not.  With fear you are broadcasting images and ideas of what you do not want, and by putting off these images and ideas whether you want them or not, you are still attracting them by broadcasting them.  Remember to only broadcast the reality you want to happen and let go of worst possible scenario mentality.

It is like blood in the water, this fear vibration and sharks will hone in on that vibration.  When a criminal is looking for a target, they usually pick a target of least resistance and being the person that allows themselves to be put in fear lowers your resistance.  The Bible even states not to have fear, it even says if you are walking through a valley and if you are close to death and it is extremely bad, especially then, do not have fear.  It is my opinion from the research that I have done, that Adolf Hitler was doing experiments with the occultists and he knew that if you killed somebody while simultaneously putting them is as much fear as possible, that this was occult trickery on the soul.  I am not going to go into the depths of what I think about that because that would only be my opinion.  But it is true that Adolf Hitler could have just gone door to door and shot people.   However, that is some fear but not as bad as dragging them off, putting them on a train, lining them up and shooting them or putting them in the gas chamber.  Hitler and his gang did as much as they could to instill great fear in people before they were killed.  It was an extremely harsh experiment in humanity.

One of my lessons in fear came some time ago.  I had dated someone and had not done so for about ten years before this.  I blame my bad choice on the seven-year itch (plus three years).  We had only been dating for a short time when I realized that this guy was nothing but trouble.  So I broke up with him, however, after I broke up with him, he decided to become my worst nightmare.  He threatened my daughter, he stalked me, his dad worked with the police department, he worked for the city, there seemed to be nowhere to turn for help.  So I had to stand and fight all on my own.

One night I happened to be home, my daughter was asleep, and I was in the living room reading a book by Stuart Wilde called “God’s Gladiators”.  Oddly enough I was on the chapter about fear and my dogs were asleep beside me.  I also had a baseball bat in my lap.  So I felt reasonably safe.  But, then I heard a loud noise in the kitchen.  I looked down and saw that my dogs were undisturbed.  I did not realize at that point that my dogs had been medicated.  So without my dogs being alerted or alarmed, I was not so terribly alarmed either.  So, I went into my kitchen and saw that my door to the carport was wide open.  I knew that I had not left it open and nor could the wind have done that as the door locked with a bolt and the wind was standing still.   As long as I had lived there the door had never come open like that.  I also knew that I had locked the door when I had come home.

I am standing there holding my baseball bat, looking at that wide open door and decide to go ahead and close and lock it.  This door had the type of lock you find in a hotel that flips over as well as the bolt lock.   And as I locked the door, I decided that I had just either locked a bad guy out, or possibly locked a bad guy in.  While I still had the baseball bat in my hand, I decided to start searching my house to make sure that it was clear.  After all, my daughter was there and asleep.  During the search of my house, looking behind shower curtains and opening up closet doors, I begin to feel my fear rise because the guy that had been stalking me was a pretty big and scary guy.  What would happen if I were to run up against him face to face? Just what would really happen?  So, I sat in my back room and thought about this for awhile.   My sister’s words began to echo in my head.  “What would I do if I did not have fear?”  I thought about the book “God’s Gladiators” how it spoke about relinquishing my fear, and I was just reading these words.  I thought about my daughter across the house, and I began to clench that baseball bat tighter.

I sat there and thought, “I need to check this, I need to check that.”  And there goes the blood pressure rising again.  And again, the words of my sister resonated in my head, “What would I do if I did not have fear?”  However, thinking past that point was not an option.  I did not know what I would do if I did not have fear.  There is no telling how long I sat in that room, could have been 30 minutes, maybe an hour or more, I am not sure.   But I had to use my logical mind to figure this out and override the fear response.    “What would I do if I did not have fear?” Hmmm.

I finally determined that if I did not have fear that I would go back to reading my book and when I had gotten to the end of the chapter, as previously planned, I would go to bed.  I thought about it some more and said, “Yes, if I did not have fear that is what I would do.”  Now, knowing that this foolish man is possibly in my house because I had heard noises that could have been him moving about while I was deep into this fanatical thinking process, I went back sat down and finished my book.  I then woke up my dogs putting one in my daughter’s room and one in my room.  I then crawled in bed, said a prayer and peacefully went to sleep.  This episode was a complete pattern interruption for me.  Prior to this when he would come skulking around my house at night I would get scared and then stay up all night preventing me from working the next day.  Or if I was able to go to work, it was not being done well because I had no sleep the night before.  So, I come off like the crazy lady.  The reality was that I was someone in fear.

I said my prayers before I went to sleep and decided that if my daughter or me did not wake up the following morning, we were going to do so without fear.  I slept pretty peacefully that night.  Upon waking the next morning, my alarm clock was unplugged, there was something on the pillow beside me to let me know that he had been there and the kitchen door was unlocked from the inside.  I knew then without a doubt that he had been there.  It was then that I realized that because I did not put off the emotion of fear anymore, that took away his thrill, the food that energized his inner monster was taken away.  The stalking began to minimize after that.  He no longer could put me in a fear response.  And to my amazement, I moved onto forgiveness which was beyond belief for me.  That simple question my sister had asked me still encircles my head today.  “How would I live my life if I did not have fear?”

Now, most people do not have someone, whose father happens to work in a police station, that is crazy and stalking them.  And even though there was some rational fear in there, there was also some irrational fear.  The question is how do we get to the root of our irrational fears and calm our rational ones.  I want you to think about what is your main fear.  What is that fear that keeps you up at night?  Is it about money, personal safety, your kids, health or the world?  There are many techniques in existence that work and the trick is to find the one that works for you and roll with it.  You have acupuncture, deep tissue massage, therapy and meditation just to name a few.  But you can start by looking inside yourself to find the base of your fear and begin releasing it, break all contracts of ownership.

However, I will tell you that it starts with you.  It starts with you making up your mind to live without fear.   Once you make up your mind to live without fear, what you need to help you is going to come to you, whether it be the deep tissue massage, the right meditation or the right therapist.  It is going to come to you, be put in your path and within your reach.  You are going to be able to acquire peace just by opening the doors in your mind so it can come to you.  What I like to do is project that I am safe and protected, so I do meditations where I see myself safe and protected.  I see everything being fine and okay, actually envisioning this at all times.  Knowing that everything is okay, even in death knowing I will be okay.

When my money is tight, and this actually stems back to being a single mom, self-employed I would have great weeks, then I would have not so great weeks, while playing this balance act, I would let my nerves just work me, just over the bills.  Then I would remind myself, “Hey, my utilities have never been shut off.”  I have always had what was needed.  So when I would have that sensation from my nerves saying there might not be enough, I would remind my nerves that I always have what I need.  This may be faith in myself or faith in a higher power or just faith in general that allows me to have a knowing that everything is going to be okay,  everything is going to work out.  And as long as I open myself up and allow myself this possibility of peace, there is a much greater chance that peace going to come to me, canceling the fear vibration.

Now, this is a true story,  several times in my life, people have just given me money and they have even told me that it was their higher power that told them to do it.  The first time that someone had knocked on my door and handed me several hundred dollars, they said, “God told me you needed this.” And there I was worried about how I was going to pay the light bill and go grocery shopping with my young daughter.  “God told me you needed this.”  “Here you go.”  And I was blown away “Wow, thank you.”  That has happened to me more times than I can count since I have incorporated that one little phrase into my life, “What would I do if I did not have fear?”  So it becomes increasing difficult to hold onto fear when you know that life is willing to conspire in your favor as long as you raise your vibration to peace.

When I am working with my clients and I see them struggling with fear, I understand that it can be real easy to fall back to the fear position, I get this, because life can seem pretty darn scary.  It can seem like life is not conspiring to help you.  But when you are in a fear vibration, life is probably not conspiring to help you.  To fall back in that fear position, it is easy and comfortable, a place that is familiar, you will find friends there because misery loves company.   It is difficult to raise your vibration and take a higher path without fear when you find these fearful thoughts coming toward you.  Remind yourself that everything is going to be okay and remember to keep yourself in this now moment.  I find, when people look back at their past, they generally do not look back at the past with anything more than should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.  When people look at the future, it is generally with apprehension about what the future holds.  If you keep yourself in the “right now” moment, you can remind yourself that everything “right now” is ok, and possibly even really good.  You are alive, you are breathing, and I would be willing to bet you could force a smile if need be.

Now in this right now place, and you probably will not find too many friends there, it can be a bit lonely at first.  Misery and its company are going to be in a lower vibration and a crowded room.   They are not going to know what to do when you come around and are going, “I know it seems bad on the surface, but I am cool and I have faith it will all work out.”  They may say, “Well aren’t you scared?  Aren’t you afraid? This or that could happen!”  And then you look inside yourself and realize you are not scared or afraid, you have given up ownership of these fearful emotions.  This is an amazingly peaceful experience.  When you bring yourself to that point, the treacheries of the coyote dimensions are no longer going to have power over you.  When you are ready to release your fear, to take a good long look inside yourself to identify why you own certain fears and start the process of canceling their consensual hold on you, understand more potentially fearful situations may come your way at first.  It is part of the final exam to graduate from this emotional hold.

Look within the composition of your life to figure out why you own irrational fears and learn to make peace agreements with your mind.  Remember, that there are basically two things in this world, there is love and there is fear, and everything boils back down to these two emotions.  What is not love is fear, it is that simple.   Examine your thoughts, your actions and see why they are part of your psychological makeup.  I want you to notice when you verbalize the worst possible case scenarios, “oh my goodness you’re going to shoot your eye out” so you can eliminate this from your conversation with the Universe.  Now it is not exactly those words, but notice when you say the things that are not the best case scenario.  “Oh, my gosh, if you do that, these horrible things will happen.”  Stop that.  Just stop putting out the worse possible case scenarios.  What you want to start putting out are the best possible case scenarios.  If you have to, pause for a moment before you speak.  Just notice what is going on and what the best possible outcome for the situation is.  Put that out energetically and verbally instead.  With your thoughts and your voice program the reality you want to manifest.

You can even easily start reprogramming your day when you wake up state out loud with gratitude about the good things that you want to have happen that day.  It is amazing when you do things like this how often you can bring positive things into your reality.  An exercise that I had my clients do is to work on their kidney meridian.  And when they worked on their kidney meridian, they helped balance the kidney energy, because the kidney energy is associated fear energy both past and present. As you begin your regiment of working these points, what you will notice is that some of your fears, both past and present, will start coming up.  As you become aware of these fears, just release them, with love and forgiveness.  This will be the beginning of breaking spiritual contracts with the associated fears. Let it go.  Release it.

The first point to focus on is kidney 27, which is the end of the meridian.  By starting with this point you will work the energy down the meridian and establish a better flow of energy within this meridian.  You will start at K27 work your way towards K1.  Keep in mind that you do not have to hit every point on the kidney meridian, just the ones that are the most important for energy movement.  Start by taking your index finger and your middle finger and put it right in the center of your chest, go over to the right or to the left those two finger widths and then come up to right below the clavicle.  Right below your clavicle from those two fingers width, is Kidney 27.  K27 is a bilateral point so you will find it on both the right and left sides.  Gently apply acupressure with your finger, without hurting yourself, just some good pressure for about 30 to 40 seconds, release and do it again.  Repeat this 3 times.  Kidney 27 is traditionally used to open and relax your chest, good for people who have restricted breathing, coughing or chest tightness.  This point is traditionally known to help those suffering adrenal exhaustion or fatigue.  Coincidentally, those living in fear, are generally pretty fatigued and exhausted.


K27 traditionally is known to help raise your immunity as well as helping with pain and tension in your jaws.  Think about this, when you are in fear or anxiety mode, your jaws tend to clench, you may not even think about it or even notice that you are doing this.  Clenching the jaw can lead to TMJ and a whole host of many other health related problems.   It is amazing when you are able to relax the jaw how that in turn helps the whole body to feel relaxed.  This will help to regulate your energy flow and help you in so many different ways.  But the TMJ lecture is a whole other topic and for now we will leave it at that.  But know that by just taking the time to relax your jaw throughout the day can do a whole lot to assist your energy levels.

The next point to address is on the first rib right below K27, which will be K26, it is also recommended for coughs and congestion as well as digestive issues as it helps to harmonize the stomach.  This point is also known for helping with stagnated energy.  It is referred to as a spirit acupressure point as it will help to move your spirit.  I used this for people who have buried their spirit.  When you are in fear you can pretty much bury yourself because your do not want to be noticed. As you were working K27, you will gently and easily work K26.  These bones are fragile so do not so deep that you cause yourself pain, just moderate discomfort.   As I have said, things will come up, as they do, allow the process and just let it go.

The next point to concentrate on is K25 and it is known as the spirit store house. This one is also used for coughs, constricted breathing and will also help harmonize the stomach.  Then, drop on down to K24, this one is known to help break up energy stagnation in the chest.  After you get those four points, I want you to go down to K1.  That point is located on the feet right below the balls of the feet between the second and third toe.  Work K1 after you work the other four points. As K1 is on the bottom of the feet you can apply more pressure on this thick padded part as opposed to the ribs.  You will be amazed at what may come up for you and as you release the old energies, feelings and memories you may be astounded at the difference in how you feel.  This is an extremely freeing exercise for me.  After you work those acupressure points, you will then want to allow a breath, and allowing a breath between the working of each point.  While allowing this breath in, fill it with light, allow a breath in and fill it with safety, allow a breath in and fill it with love and allow a breath in and fill it with harmony.  As you will feel a difference in your energy and you start to let go of your fears a sense of peace may settle upon you.

Then go back up the body to the upper abdomen and work K21, known as the Dark Gate.  Follow that be working K20, K19, K18, and K17.  Now repeat the process of stimulating K1.  And breathe.  Now work the lower meridian and address K16 thru K11, and back down to K1.

Now come up to the inside of the knee and work K10.  K10 is known to balance the water in the body and I have experienced that it helps with disturbing dreams.  Next you will want to work K9 half way down the calf, this point has been traditionally used to help balance the emotions. Skip now to K6 this point is located in the depression right below the tip of the ankle bone and known for helping calm emotions.  Now move to K2 which is located on the inside of either foot and just above the heel.  Finally finish with K1 to work this energy to the top of the meridian.  When I do this series of points not only do I feel calmer, but I notice a significant release of water and my legs actually feel better.

While doing this, and even up to a few days after, the emotions of the past that you have buried deeply may come to the surface, if this does happen, just let it go.  Keep on moving forward and walk right past it.  I hope this has helped you. Remember to go forward, love one another, do good for one another and have faith that everything is going to be amazing.  peace y’all.


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