White Blood System

For decades I have known that my lymphatic system is closely tied to my supernatural abilities. And when I have talked with people about this some people know, however very few, actually know that their lymphatic system is tied to their supernatural abilities.  How the lymphatic system works is very interesting and it is the least studied system of the entire body.  Before I decided to make this blog, I googled for the sake of curiosity if anybody is putting the information out there that the lymphatic system and your supernatural abilities are tied together.  So I Googled “lymph and magic” and the results were about the magic of clearing the lymph.  Magic massage techniques and lymph and there was even something about magic lymphatic socks.  The best one I found was magic lymphatic cellulite pantyhose.  Well I could not even click the link,  I just could not go there.

But no one is talking about your lymph system and your supernatural abilities.  As a massage therapist, I have always given the lymphatic system of my client extra special attention.  It is a body system that I was specially trained, and not too many people work with lymphatics.  I got to see what happened before and after with people when you cleared the lymphatic system.  The lady who trained me, an extremely auspicious lady, taught me how you are actually working with people’s astral body when you are working with lymphatic massage.  She taught lymphatic drainage on many levels.

The lymphatic system is technically your catch all for everything that is fat soluble.

When you have a toxin and it is water soluble, your body is just going flush it out because that is the nature of water soluble toxins.  However, things that are fat soluble will store in your lymphatic system for decades.  And if you store a lot of toxins in your lymphatic system, the lymph starts to clog up.  What happens is, it is like a string of pearls, lymph flows in only one direction.  Lymph does not have a pump, like our heart pumps our blood. Native Americans call it the “White Blood System”, and the only thing in the body that naturally pumps the lymph is peristaltic action of the colon.  However, most people’s colons are so jammed up, they are not having natural and normal peristaltic action like you would with a healthy diet a long time ago.   And as the colon losses its natural motion so does the flow of lymph in the body possibly making the terrain of your body a toxic waste dump.

You can get the lymph going with a bouncing type of exercise, such as a mini-tramp.   There is also a really cool little gadget called chi machine.  You put your ankles in and the machine will shake you back and forth which will help get the lymphatic system pumping.  Now when you help get the lymphatic system going, what happens is these backed up toxins stored in the lymph start to drain into your blood system which will be naturally filtered out through the kidneys and the colon so your body can get the lymph pumping again.

So when you look in the mirror, I want you to look to see if you are holding lymph back.  Do you have a poofy double chin? Do you have poofy upper arms?  Poofy hips or over cellulited thighs?  Many times this is a sign that your lymph is backed up.  I mentioned earlier that it is like a string of pearls and only flows in one direction.  What happens is that lymph is about the consistency of thick milk when it is healthy.  When it begins to get backed up, it starts to harden making the thick milk more like yogurt.  Then the yogurt starts calcifying causing these little nodes that feed onto one another will calcify and could actually calcify shut.  When this happens, all the lymph that is draining off that one strand of pearls, so to speak, gets back up.  And it takes stimulating it either internally or externally to get it flowing again.

So I am going to suggest that if you want to amp up your supernatural abilities and you want a cheat code or a life hack on your supernatural abilities, start looking into draining your lymph.  Stimulate your lymph.  You will be amazed at what that can do for your body and your abilities!




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