Temporal Core Healing


Temporal Core Healing is the healing is a streamlined process after decades of working with the alternative healing arts, diving deep into the astral planes and thru the dimensions to help people quickly, gently and easily bring their soul back to a place of wholeness.  Not only do I do this work, I teach others professionals and as well as novices.

In a Temporal Core healing session we tap into your human operation system and look at the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of your being.   We discern the priorities of clearing the layered stressors, we locate the  fractures  and help you to see where the healing should occur.  With prayers, sacred geometry, color, and forgiveness we assist you with the repairs in your human operating system and ultimately your DNA and your soul.

 Experience for yourself the immediate re-connection to Source energy and the power in the surrender to the Law of Grace!

We have all heard about the Law of Attraction, however, there are many Spiritual Laws.  The Law of Grace is a Divine dispensation of Mercy.   Grace dissolves karma, changes matter and creates miracles.


Red Pill or Blue Pill?

  • Are you in the information gathering phase?  Are the things I am discussing appealing to you, however you don’t know anything about what I am discussing?
  •  When your body creates dis-ease, do you look for the best pill to fix the symptom?
  •  Do you still complain, blame, or make excuses?
  •  Do you benefit from being less than happy?
  • Are you are not serious about making big changes? 

If this describes you, then please take the blue pill, go back to bed, or do more research own your own.  Seriously, no need for you to read any further.

 However, if you are serious about jumping down the rabbit hole and seeing how far it goes, then you have chosen the red pill.  Read on!

     Are you ready to stop being a victim and receive a full multidimensional clearing

         Would you like to learn how to place powerful & sacred SEALS on your body for Angelic healing and protection?  Or learn how to activate your own supernatural gifts?



Dr Kimberli Ridgeway has a Doctorate in Natural Health. She makes no claims, promises or guarantees regarding your results. Her advice and products do not take the place of your medical professional and are intended help educate you on healthy alternatives to assist you in improving your health. Temporal Core Healing, Temporal Core Healing products and/or classes, as well as any advise given by Kimberli are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition or disease. If you believe you are in need of medical assistance, please consult a medical professional immediately. All products are made by Dreamwalker, LLC, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.